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Would you like to be your own BOSS? Have the financial security you have always dreamed about? The Back Massager vending massage chairs can help! Put the power back in your hands by taking advantage of this unique home-based business opportunity. There are no constraints on earning potential, making profits virtually unlimited. The vending massage chairs are preset for $1.00 for 3 minutes, $5.00 for 15 minutes and $10.00 for 30 minutes. We aim to beat any price if you find a better price just call us to discuss.

FINANCING AVAILABLE PLEASE CALL FOR MORE DETAILS.You may qualify for 0% interest for the 1st 12 months.
Please click VIP Packages to the left for prices.

We aim to offer the best price to earn your business!!!

Quick Start Package


1 vending massage chair

All this for only
Order 4 chairs and receive 1/2 off on shipping. Order 8 chairs and receive free shipping...

If you are interested in pursuing your own home-based business opportunity, please continue to explore our site or call us! We'll be happy to answer any questions you may have about the vending massage chair business and the benefits of joining The Back Massager vending massage chair team.

Click to view features of the massage chairVending massage chairs is a new exciting vending business opportunity. The Back Massager vending massage chairs offers you a great business opportunity. If you wish to benefit from a unique home-based business opportunity, The Back Massager vending massage chairs can help! Your income starts as soon as your bill operated massage chair is located. You can start making money immediately following the placement of your dollar operated massage chairs. The amount of money that you will start collecting will amaze you!

The Back Massager vending massage chair business is a booming industry that virtually anyone looking for a lucrative business opportunity can participate in! By owning your own vending massage chair business through The Back Massager you are not alone.

The Back Massager vending massage chairs are successful being used in Malls, airports, arcade centers, billiards, sports bars, bowling alleys, children party centers, truck rest stops, hotel lobbies, racetracks, casinos, bingo halls, carwashes, movie theaters, college recess areas, barber shops, laundromats, hair salons, tire/service centers and resorts. Where will you put your vending massage chair?

"I believe that The Back Massager offers the quickest return, the least amount of risk, with excellent profitability – and you will find that vending can be a very enjoyable way of life as well. You couldn't ask for more in a business!" - Vincent Cami, The Back Massager

"I started with the purchase of 4 chairs and now have 38 and I'm looking to expand and purchase more. With very little work anybody can be in business for themselves and I recommend The Back Massager as a great place to start." – Travis M., Indianapolis

"I was looking for the right opportunity, then I found The Back Massager. Vincent is very honest and will assist you from start to finish. This business is great. I started with 2 chairs and now have 53 and still growing." - Isaac A., New Jersey

Hi Vincent,
I received my chairs last week and I love them. Theses chairs are so awesome!!!! I sat in a vending massage chair in the mall a few days before I received my chairs from The Back Massager. I thought that, the other chair was nice (it was not from The Back Massager). But when I received these chairs I noticed right away that these chairs were of better quality and the massage experience was just awesome. The bottom line is that, " I LOVE THIS CHAIR"!!! and Vincent answered all my questions with detail. I will highly recommend The Back Massager. Thanks so much, Trina Curry South Carolina

I just placed my chairs in their locations today. Before I could leave one of the locations, several people were in line to get a massage. They were just as excited as I am.  I think that investing in The Back Massager is a good business move. The chairs are beautiful and easy to assemble and if you have any questions or concerns, the president of the company, Vincent Cami, is quick to get back with you.  Folks who sat in the chair said it’s like a little person is in there who instinctively goes to the right spot to soothe an aching back. The growth potential is enormous! Thank you for a wonderful product and excellent customer service.--Melissa Smith, North Carolina 11/19/2010

We have great locators to assist you in finding profitable locations for your vending massage chairs so you don't have to worry about locations!

The Back Massager is so confident in your success with our vending massage chairs that we offer you 100% replacement in parts warranty. You will also benefit from our support and guidance in making this a successful business for you.

If you would like to learn more about The Back Massager vending massage chair business opportunity, please feel free to
contact us.  Or simply pick up the phone and call. No pressure, no hassle.

We can accommodate special orders for different colors or push button start instead of bill acceptor.  
Thank you for visiting my website and we look forward to helping you start your own business. The vending business is astounded that bill-operated vending massage chairs is rapidly growing into home based business (franchise) available. The vending industry offers many home based franchises and franchise opportunities for years, but never anything close to vending massage chairs that The Back Massager offers. Have you ever thought about vending massage chairs in your search for “home based businesses” or “businesses for sale” or vending business” etc? This business is available for franchises for men, franchises for woman, franchise for veterans, small business opportunities or anyone looking for a business opportunity. You have found a great business opportunity available. You may have searched for franchise opportunities, franchises for sale, businesses for sale, home based business, business opportunities or franchises but you can rest assured The Back Massager is a fast growing business opportunity. If you are looking for vending massage chairs please consider The Back Massager. The Back Massager is not your typical vending machine business. Please take your time and review my website for more detailed information on vending massage chairs and this fantastic home based franchise (opportunity).
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