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A Word from Our President

Thank you for your interest in the new and exciting vending massage chair business. The answers to many of your questions can be found through the facts, figures and information you will find on our website. We will show you a doorway to a new life – one in which you decide your own hours, run an independent business, and spend more time doing the things you like doing best. This business will enable you and your family to achieve true independent success.

The Back Massager has impressive cash profits everyday with the vending massage chairs. These men and women don’t require highly specialized skills, technical ability or sales talent. What they do have is the burning desire to be financially independent.

We give you all the support and information it takes to be successful – because your success is our success. By providing a high quality state-of-the-art vending massage chair at the guaranteed lowest price, we give you the opportunity for a quick return on your investment.

The bottom line in a vending business, as in any business, is profit. Other considerations we ask you to take before deciding to get into the business is a time and effort comparison to your current job; and whether or not you will find owning and operating a vending route enjoyable.

We believe that The Back Massager offers the quickest return, the least amount of risk, with excellent profitability – and you will find that vending can be a very enjoyable way of life as well. You couldn't ask for more in a business!

Antonette Cami

"Our Goal Is Your Success." We welcome new members to our growing family of entrepreneurs throughout the world and we look forward to making your dreams a reality."

-Anotonette Cami

The Back Massager Vending Massage Chairs

Company Overview

We would like to thank you for taking the time to examine our exciting business opportunity. We know starting a new business is a big step. There are many things to consider when investing in a business opportunity. We would like to point out some of the unique qualities of The Back Massager opportunity.​