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The Back Massager is a business opportunity therefore there are no franchise fees and no royalty fees. We do not sell territories and believe each area has a sufficient amount of locations. 

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Support & Special Ordres

The Back Massager will offer continuous technical support for any necessary service such as replacement parts, bill acceptors, upholstery and etc.

Special Orders

We can accommodate special orders for different colors or push button start instead of bill acceptor.  

Our Promise

Location Assistance

This consultation will include presentation and proposal materials and location contracts needed to secure locations as well as a list of potential locations. As an additional service, The Back Massager will offer to acquire suitable locations on behalf of the investor. The fee for this service will vary depending on how many chairs. 

Marketing Support

The Back Massager offers comprehensive marketing support. The Back Massager will offer marketing tips, signage, brochures, chair placement  recommendations and other information designed to help maximize revenue per chair.